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Game News    
New website adress for our league   www.steamdc.info !

Welcome to Steam , hero League on the
Reality-Lost PVE EU server in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE !

We are a semi- casual , mature (20+) league that will run duos / raids and other events at a regular base once we get enough people and lvl requirements ,  we already have a 24 slots teamspeak server for the league.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild , we do want to try and have 2/3 raiddays with progress and good fun at same time. 

Also people that are into light rp are welcome to join since we have some members that enjoy that to , please note that ingame chat will be out of character since not all members like rp.

If this sounds good to you , please check out our application forum for more info.
At the moment we are looking for certain lvl 30 classes  that dont mind to use teamspeak to talk or just listen .

Hope to see you ingame soon !
Steam League

Site is still being worked on , if you have any comments /tips please let me know in the forums or give me a PM.
Guild News    

This League is going down next week

Neonflash, Mar 15, 11 7:20 AM.
Next week, this League is going to be disbanded. The Justice Force league has agreed to take over our active players. Players who are willing to transfer to the Justice Force League should post an application on their website and leave the Steam League:


All remaining players will be kicked from the League at 24-03-2011 when they still haven't moved. The League will then be removed. What happens to the website is the decision of Waxmask/Dk since he paid for it. When there's more news about this you will hear it as soon as possible.

Group /raid /duo planner.

kreadc, Jan 19, 11 2:15 PM.
If you like to make a pre planned group for duos / raids / groups whatever you are welcome to use the calender on top of our main page . If you need any help please give me a tell ingame or pm on forums.


Dc universe is launched in eu and us .

kreadc, Jan 13, 11 5:51 AM.
Finaly DC universe did launch worldwide yesterday .
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Steam is a League on the EU Reality - Lost pve server. We are looking for friendly and mature players (18+) . If you and are interested please make a application on our recruitment forum or give one of our officers a tell ingame
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